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Latest Exhibition

 " Your acquaintance may know your other acquaintance"
 May.23sat - 21sun,2020.
OPEN 13:00 CLOSE 19:00
1720-9, Takamatsucho-Takamatsushi, Kagawa Pref, Japan.

Exhibition Theme

The artists has drawn personals as Portrait or deformed picture which are symbolized a subtle "emptiness".  The emptiness is like a hole in my mind, It's like something you've lost. To draw the peoples portrait the artist are look at the emptiness that also exists within myself..

In an attempt to exhibit this time, the "emptiness" is expressed as an extension of a print, Giclee print that can be mass-printed industrial , it's showed even the unique identity of an individual is cultured and consumed. The artist considered that the packaging of portraits would complement the "emptiness" by causing some sort of reversal that portraits originally made for oneself would be available to others. Furthermore, while using a technique that enables mass production, the edition was set to only 1/1, it was possible to print a large amount, it was expressed that the individual couldn't  substitute.

Also the titles are reflected some local habitant dense relationship, the attendees will find some of his acquaintance at here. It might fulfill his"emptiness".